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We represent content creators injournalism.

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Services for channels of all sizes.

Whether you’re building a starting up or already established, Republic will have a solution for you.

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Ad Sales

Our sales team will represent your content professionally and secure paid ads for your channel. As you and your channel grow, so does your ad revenue.

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Content Licensing

Digital Content is extremely valuable and can be monetized a thousand ways, we explore these monetary avenues with our clients to maximize potential profits.

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Content Identification

Content Pirates are out there, and we assist in securing content identification across your video channel to help prevent piracy and collect royalties due to you.

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It's a team effort.

Creating awesome content is not an easy job, we understand this. To effectively turn your passion into a full-fledged business takes strong partnerships with experts who know their fields, respectfully.

With over 11+ years in production, advertising and licensing, our top executives understand what it takes to generate revenue in the content creation business and partner with talent to help execute day to day tasks.

We are Republic Digital Management

Republic Digital is the world's largest Digital Rights Management Company for Journalists, Bloggers & Political Commentators. Based in California and consistently managing over 100 Million + views per month and continuously growing, Republic has been a support mechanism for emerging journalists looking to turn their passion for media into a career.

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide a world class support system for independent journalists to utilize in their day to day business routine. Providing world-class customer service and business guidance, Republic rises above the rest.

  • Our Services

    Our services include the following:

    • Brand Endorsements
    • Content Identification Protection
    • Sponsorship
    • Technical Assistance
    • AD Display
    • Professional Representation
    • Monetary Assistance
    • Professional Guidance
    • Business Plan Consultation
    • Social Media Promotion Tools
  • Who We Are

    We strive daily to provide our clients with a great service they can trust and a comfortable environment for conducting good business.

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